The Best Place to Holiday in Solo: Tawangmangu Waterfall and Tea Field

Having holiday in Indonesia will be much unlimited since there are so many places to visit. Well, though Bali is the first destination thought by many people, there are other options such as Yogyakarta, Lombok, Bandung, Malang, and Solo. Talking about Solo, this is a small city but it offers you the beauty of central Java Island. There are recommended and best Place to Holiday in Solo you can visit with very reasonable and affordable budget.Best Place to Holiday In Solo_2

Transportation You Should Prepare

If you are having holiday in Solo with your family, for example your family includes 4 to 5 members, you must concern about the transportation to get the place you want. Before thinking about the destination, you must prepare the rental transportation. has the solution for your problem. It is company that offers you a rental car for your visit in Solo. There are so many choices of car options and you are free to choose them.

You can choose how many hours you are possibly travelling around Solo. It can be 8 hours, 12 hours even full day. You can rent a driver, too, if you are not familiar with Solo. The price is reasonable. You need not to worry because the procedure to rent the car is not difficult. You can contact it through its official website, You can also reach them by phone at 0271-735789. Try to use this company’s service since it has been proven as recommended service.

Where to Go When Having Holiday in Solo

If your visit is only a short trip, you can have some the Best Place to Holiday in Solo. You might visit Grand Palace of Solo or it is called as Keraton Solo. There, you can see the history of Solo and some Kings of Solo that once ruled this city. There is also Sri Wedari Museum. The place is interesting since your kid can play some entertaining things in the area. If you are planning to have shopping in Solo, especially with low priced and bargained priced, you might visit traditional market called Klewer Market. Klewer market sells Batik, souvenirs, and many traditional things.

If you want to visit the suburban area of Solo, maybe you can choose Karanganyar. It is a small district near Solo where the weather is cool. In rainy season, you can feel the cool atmosphere. There are some tourist attractions you might not find in your country such as: Tawangmangu Waterfall and Tawangmangu Tea Field. As the Best Place to Holiday in Solo, Tawangmangu waterfall is only one hour from Solo. It has beautiful waterfall that you can forget. To reach the waterfall, you have to step on so many stone stairs. The tourist attraction is called Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu or Thousands waterfalls. You can also rent a horse to travel around this area.

The other the Best Place to Holiday in Solo is the tea field. The green view will be very unforgettable. There, you will find large area of tea field in high area. You can take some photos and visit some tea shops. One example is Ndoro Dongker tea shop. There are a lot of tea variations and choices you can try. The price is quite reasonable, too. You need to prepare your jacket since in rainy season the weather is cold.

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