Plan Your Summer in The Best Summer Vacation Spots

This is the right place to get the best summer vacation spots in the world. You have many choices in the world to spend your summer. It is quite difficult to set your summer vacation on one place. Here, there is a list of the best spots for your summer. It doesn’t matter where you want to go either as backpacker or fly with luxurious package. These places deserve to visit for this summer vacation. It is good idea if you have long holidays to spend in one of these summer vacation spots_4

First of the best summer vacation spots you should visit is Maui. This is quintessential beach to escape. Maui has pristine shorelines, white-bone sands, turquoise water and warm weather. It has rare rainy day. So, you can spend all your days here without worrying about rain. You can sunbath every day. Visit Kaanapali beach and Wailea beach. If you love watersport, you can enjoy windsurfing, snorkeling, swimming or others. Maui also offers hotels for couples and families. So, you can really enjoy your summer here.

One of the best summer vacation spots that you should not miss is Paris. Indeed, Paris is about fashion, beauty, and romantic places. Summer is even more exciting in Paris. The temperatures of summer where it is from June to August, is about 60 to 70F. Besides that, it has longer days. It means you have longer times at day than at night. You can have more times to explore Paris then. Paris also has wonderful places and attractions. Just don’t miss Eiffel Tower and Louvre when you are in summer vacation spots_7

Next idea of the best summer vacation spots is Nice. It is the largest city of French Riviera. There are many wonderful things to do in summer here like shopping quaint boutiques, lounging in the world-popular beaches, and enjoying your times in the authentic restaurants. Exploring the Old Town is also a good idea. In summer, there are some abundance festivals just like Nice Jazz Festival. You will really enjoy your summer vacation here in Nice. Set some couple days is a good idea to explore Nice.

Fiji becomes one of the best summer vacation spots. Here, summer is really wonderful as you can enjoy the calm water, white sand, relaxing beaches and more. You can enjoy Coral Coast attraction. Scuba diving and snorkeling becomes favorite activities to explore the amazing attraction of the Mamanucas’ coral reefs. However, you need to prepare a huge budget as Fiji becomes a very favorite summer hunt. But, when you come in June, you may save more than other summer summer vacation spots_8

Mykonos is the next idea as one of the best summer vacation spots that you must visit. Summer here can be expensive and busy. That is because of an ideal temperature to enjoy many fun and exciting summer activities like festivals and parties. Amazing festivals like open-air concerts, art exhibits, theater production and others are just part of the fun summer activities here. There are many other places to visit in summer like San Francisco, Barcelona, Cusco, Montreal, Yellowstone, Amsterdam, Chicago and Munich.

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