Do Not Forget to Visit Yogyakarta When Having Holiday in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most famous countries in the world for its tourist attractions. One of the most famous islands is Bali. Everyone knows Bali. Well, is you have any plans for having Holiday in Indonesia, you need not to worry where to go since there are so many destinations you can take. Bali is the most wanted and the most famous, but actually Indonesia has more than Bali. It has Yogyakarta, Papua, Malang, Lombok Island, Bandung, etc. before you decide where to go when in Indonesia, here some cities recommended for your holiday.Holiday in Indonesia_7

Bali Island

Bali is well known all around the world. It has so many tourist attractions starting from beach, temple, and other places. When you are visiting Indonesia, mostly, Bali is chosen as the first top of the choice. Kuta Beach is the first destination if you visit Bali. It has black sand and there are so many cafes and hotels nearby. You do not have to worry since in Bali, people are able to speak English well since this Island has been visited by a lot of foreigners from English speaking countries. Another is Garuda Wisnu Kencana. This place has beautiful scenery. There, you can see the statue of Wisnu, the god in Hindu. Tanah Lot is also recommended for you. But, it is a sacred place, so make sure you behave well there.

Yogyakarta, City of Culture and Education

After Bali, Yogyakarta is the city where people want to go. Yogyakarta is the city of never ending holiday since many various and different tourist attractions are available there. If you have Holiday in Indonesia, this city is have-to-go-there city. If you want to go to white sand beaches, Yogyakarta has them. Kukup, Krakal, Drini, Jungwok, Baron, Sundak, Indrayati Beach are the example.Holiday in Indonesia_9

What about temples? Borobudur and Prambanan can be visited. There is also a non active mountain called Nglanggeran Mountain. It is only 700 mdpl and you can hike it in less than 45 minutes. From the top of it, you can see the beauty of Yogyakarta city especially Gunungkidul, one of provinces in Yogyakarta. Other tourist attraction is Taman Sari. It is the garden palace of Yogyakarta’s King. It was used to the princesses of Yogyakarta palace to take a bath. But of course, now it has not been used as so.

You can go to Malioboro. It is a center of Yogyakarta where there are so many traditional to modern things can be bought. There are so many street vendors in Maliboro selling clothes, souvenir, traditional food, etc. You do not have to worry if you cannot adjust your taste with its traditional food, you might go to some malls that sell burgers, spaghetti, fried chicken, etc. There also Pizza Hut, KFC, McD, etc.

If you visit Yogyakarta and have Holiday in Indonesia, you could go to traditional market named Beringharjo. There are so many batik retailers inside the market. What makes this traditional market interesting is that the things sold there are very reasonable even very cheap. You can bargain with the sellers to have lower price, too. But, it will be recommended to have Indonesian friend of guide to help you. See Tips Cheap vacation in Solo Indonesia for Budget Traveler

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