Best Vacation Spots in the World That You Need to See

World is such a very wide space to conquer. I don’t mean to conquer it literally. In the sense of holiday and vacation people also want to conquer. Whether you just want to stroll down in unique places, an old traditional city, admiring the landmark of certain country, there is a sense of conquering in ourselves when we had done several trips. Perhaps we want to boast our trip that we had conquered some part of the world. Thus this is several best vacation spots in the vacation spots in the world_1

First stop we headed to Asia, the closer continent to our country. Cambodia. Yes Cambodia is one of the countries in South East Asia, which it is a lot closer to our countries. What exactly you had in mind? Watching the monk praying? Going to the Angkor Wat? Siem Reap will give you many options regarding to culinary visits. For one, Cuisine WatDamnakis a fresh and seasonal restaurant, as the chefs regularly change the menu. Haven, the restaurant that serve the mix of western and eastern khmer. best vacation spots in the world_2

Next stop in the list of best vacation spots in the world is in Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is city overflowing with culture. If you wanted to go to a cultural place, Prague is definitely one of them that can provide you with cultural tourism sites. Prague Castle as historic walking are can be a nice worth time visit to see the medieval hall of old city in Prague. Or if you love the theater, the National Theater can definitely be one of your vacation spots in the world_3

What’s new, Buenos Aires? Yes, the famous line from a famous musical Evita. Buenos Aires is our next visit in the best vacation spots in the world. Here in this country is the place of the dance, tango. You can visit Buenos Aires and feel the Latin America atmosphere and also the little taste of European in the city architecture, parks, and boulevard. Or, go to the oldest cafe in the city, Cafe vacation spots in the world_4

Another destination is the city of Marrakech in Morocco. Marrakech is a very old city; its antiquity makes it more fabulous than many other countries. Find an inner peace as you walk down the street of old town just to stop several times to ask a street merchant, because Marrakech has a lot of merchant to offer. Or you want to go see a nature while admiring a beauty of architecture? Then the best place to go is Jardin Majorelle. In this place you will also see the beauty of Yves Saint Laurent, as he owned this place. Also be noted, Yves Saint Laurent create several fashion items inspired by this vacation spots in the world_5

Next stop is Cape Town. If you are people who desired always to go to beach, whether to play in the water or sunbathing, this is the best place to come to go to beaches. Camp Bay’s Beach is one of the best beaches in South African. Another outdoor nature visit will be the mountains of Lion’s Head, in this place you will definitely fill peace and quiet vacation spots in the world_6

That’s the five best vacation spots in the world. Of course there are many places that it still needs to be found. The most amazing place probably wasn’t found yet, so pleasure seeker, try finding this amazing spot for people to go for vacation and be the first to show those beautiful places to the world.

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