Best Vacation Spots for Couples for Romantic Trip

Lovebirds are everywhere. Are you having difficulties finding your next spots for a romantic trip with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Are you tired of the same spot you have going to since, what, your first date in the history? If you are, then do not fret, and do not afraid. These next five places are the best vacation spots for couples. Hopefully it can give you an insight on how to spend a time in romantic places with your vacation spots for couples_1

First, let’s go up. Let’s go to Dieng, Wonosobo, Central Java. If both of you are environmentalist, this will be your usual place to go I guess. However, if both of you or one of you are homesick people, this probably going to be your first time. There are a lot of romantic places in Dieng Plateau. You can go to Telaga Warna, where you can see a lake covered in mist that will make it like a veil. Or if you want to try something new, Sikunir Mountain will always be a nice track for you to hike with your vacation spots for couples_2

The divine Ranu Kumbolo is the next. This will be very suitable for those environmentalist couples. This place offers you a nice Lake in the midst of mountain. Looking at the peaceful lake and your beloved will bring you earthly paradise. Surrounding a nice fire and sipping hot jasmine and your beloved will nurture your love and bring you vacation spots for couples_3

Next destination that fell on the best vacation spots for couples list is Sampireun, Garut, West Java. This is actually a resort hotel. Here you can go to a nice lake site. At night on a small boat in a nice, peaceful, quite lake with your beloved will be a nice experience to have. While you’re on a boat with your beloved enjoy the nice Sundanese music played. This place is a very good destination to go on honeymoon, vacation spots for couples_8

Sekaten at the North city square, Yogyakarta, can be a nice spot for you to go with your beloved. This traditional festival commemorating the birth of Prophet Muhammad is a very famous tourism object in the midst of Yogyakarta people. This traditional festival is a place where you can go with your beloved to ride something just the two of you. This festival also comes with a very reasonable price. This is for both of you who want to go somewhere but thinking about a budget.

Bukit Bintang, can also become one of your best vacation spots for couples. Here you can see the beautiful city light beneath as if it was a star, hence the name. This spot is quite famous because of the beautiful city light and car light is amazing. The peace and quiet atmosphere that surrounds you also can be enticing as you sitting there while eating roasted corn in a cold night holding hand with your dearly beloved.

If you wish to enjoy the panoramic view of beaches, going to Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta is the best decision. There you can find some beautiful beaches offering you white sandy beaches. Blue sea, breezy air and white sand are a good combination to make your day with your couple. So, have you decided one?

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