Best Place to Vacation in Yogyakarta You Must Not Miss

Best place to vacation in Yogyakarta should not be missed. Yogyakarta or often called as ‘Jogja’ is a city in the special region of Yogyakarta. It is located just right in Java Island. It is very famous as one of the best destination in Indonesia. It is known for its culture heritage, traditional arts, Sultanate or Kraton, foods, and many more. It is really not enough to spend two or three days in Jogja. If you have one week, then it is good idea as there are plenty of amazing places that you should place to vacation In Yogyakarta_4

Once you come to Jogja, you will feel this city is really peaceful starting from the comfortable atmosphere, green city as it takes traditional city concept, friendly people and more. No wonder if once you visit the best place to vacation in Yogyakarta, you may fall in love with this beautiful city. There are many people from around Indonesia love living there including for international tourists who decide to live there, change their nationality and becomes part of place to vacation In Yogyakarta_2

Here is the list of the best place to vacation in Yogyakarta that you should not miss. First, you will start with the heart of the city. It is known with 0 (zero) Kilometer or Nol Kilometer. It is where Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat is located. It is an opulent palace made of 18th century and till today it still rules Yogyakarta people with its traditional laws. In front of Keraton, you will see a very famous street where there is traditional market. Indeed, it is Malioboro Street where you can bargain or even place to vacation In Yogyakarta_3

Malioboro Street is really very famous destination. It is really the best place to vacation in Yogyakarta you must visit. You can shop traditional accessories, arts, and more. You can walk to know more about Malioboro as the place where traditional and street artists are there to show their performance. In bargaining something that you want to buy, you can underbid. This is something that you will never find in other places in Indonesia even in the world. For example, when it is priced in Rp 30,000 then you can pay Rp 15,000 or just half of the price. Sure, it depends on your ability in place to vacation In Yogyakarta_9

Still in Malioboro Street, you can visit Fort Vredeburg Museum as the next best place to vacation in Yogyakarta. Here, it is about architecture, history, and museum. You will know more about Jogja. Then you will go to the great destination, Prambanan temple. It is about ornate and ancient Hindu temple. You should not miss the art or dance show in Prambanan. Near Prambanan, there are many small temples like Candi Sewu, Candi Ijo, Candi Kalasan, Candi Ratu Boko and many more.

Never forget to mention Borobudur Temple as the best place to vacation in Yogyakarta. Indeed, it is the biggest Buddhist temple in the world. It is iconic and historic temple which is really famous worldwide. Before your way to Borobudur Temple, you will see Candi Mendut. There are still many places like Taman Sari, Gembiro Loka Zoo, Mount Merapi, traditional dance and gamelan music performance, and many more.

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