Best Place to Vacation in Bali You Don’t Want to Miss

Bali, Indonesia is a very famous tourism destination. Not only is it famous in Indonesia but also famous internationally. This province offers you many places to go when you’re on a vacation. You can go to beach, you can go a lake, or if you just want to get wasted, you can go to a bar. There are also many offers for best place to vacation in Bali. What are they? Let’s take a look on some place to vacation in Bali_1

If you ever decided to become a Disney princess even just for one day, Bali Butterfly got that covered. Here in this park you can go for a stroll in middle of swarming butterfly flying from here and there. Or if you someone with a great interest in butterfly this is also a very nice place to go. Not only that this park filled with butterfly there are also beetles and moths of any kind. This is one the best place to vacation in place to vacation in Bali_2

Ubud is also one of the best place to vacation in Bali. Here you can find the sacred monkey forest sanctuary called Sangeh. In here you feel the traditional and religious atmosphere. You can just go inside wandering in the site or just sitting while watching the monkey wander from here to there doing whatever it is they wanted to do. However, please mind the heat. Wear a hat to stand the place to vacation in Bali_3

Now go next to Gianyar, another recreational park is found here, the Bali Bird Park. Here you can many kinds of Bird ranging from tiny to huge. Just take a stroll into an area with 2 Ha widths as you see bird flying anywhere. Walk into the divided seven categories of bird habitat complete with their indigenous plant. If you want to get close with bird this is a very nice place to place to vacation in Bali_5

Menjangan (deer) Island is also one of the best place to vacation in Bali. Here you can go snorkeling at the beach, strolling down in the sand, or just lay there sunbathing. There are many kinds of tropical can be found in sea, so this is a perfect to go snorkeling. You can also go diving in the sea. If you’re lucky enough, you can see the deer passing place to vacation in Bali_7

If you want to feel that you live in a village. Then you should go to a rice field. Here in Bali there are two places where you can enjoy rice fields, green rice field that you can stroll on while watching Balinese doing their farming work. The first is Jatiluwih Green Land. This rice field is located in Tabanan and it is a green land filled with rice fields. Just by looking at it, you can enjoy the atmosphere. The second is Mayong Village; in this spot you can also have a very nice tracking experience. Read Tips Cheap vacation in Solo Indonesia for Budget Traveler

best place to vacation in Bali_10

Above are the five best places to vacation in Bali. If you ever decided to go to Bali, this nature recreational park can be one of your destinations. If you’re already planning on going, you should definitely include these sites as your destination. Nonetheless, Bali is a very great place to visit.

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