5 Best Vacation Spots for Kids You Must Try for This Holiday

Thinking about the best vacation spots for kids? Indeed you have so many options out there. Spending holidays in the best spots make your kids happy, excited, fun and enthusiastic. It is good idea to refresh their mind, recharge their emotion and make them feel happy. The question is, where? Here you will find a list of the best vacation for kids including all family members. You can set your kids holidays to the following best vacation spots. These spots are voted by parents.best vacation spots for kids

You can say Magic Kingdom Park, Orlando as the best vacation spots for kids to go for this holiday. This is a top theme park including top attraction overall. There you will see Cinderella Castle, Pirates of the Caribbean to the really famous flying elephant. It is said that this is the perfect place for all kids to meet their favorite characters. You can make their holidays become more wonderful when you set their holidays in Magic King Park. This must be really fun and exciting.

Second choice of the best vacation spots for kids is Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando. Orlando has many fantastic places for kids. Here, for kids or families who are really drawn to Harry Potter including his wizarding world, this is the right place to go. Here, you will see Wizarding World of Harry Potter as well as other six ‘islands’. Each of them is devoted to the favorite movie and group of characters. Each of them also offers interactive attractions, shows and topflight rides for both kids and adults.

Third option of the best vacation spots for kids is still in Orlando. Orlando is really the great place for your kids’ vacation. There are a lot of things to do there. Your kids can explore the most popular sunken ship, Titanic at Titanic The Experience. At iFLY Orlando, they can enjoy skydive indoors. At Orlando Science Center, they can explore or guided for planetary tour. They can also enjoy balloon rides, hiking trails, lakes, live theater and many more including art museum. This should be really great holidays.

Fourth of the best vacation spots for kids is in The Strong Museum in Rochester, NY. Here, the Strong Museum includes National Museum of Play, National Toy Hall of Fame, and International Center for the History of Electronic Games. These all are only about fun. There your kids can see pop-up book with life-size, an interactive exhibit to explore the video games’ history and many more including more than 400,000 of other games, toys, dolls as well as other playthings.

Fifth option of the best vacation spots for kids can be Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha, NE. Here there are three amazing exhibitions. They are nocturnal animal hall which is rated as one of the world’s largest, indoor desert and indoor rain forest. The aquarium is really amazing. It is enough to spend whole day to explore this place. Your kids may think their holidays are worth it.

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